Art and Drama Registration Form

Emergency Contact (not student):

Please indicate for which class(es) you are registering.

• Tuition is due the first of each month. A late fee of $15.00 will be added after the 1st of the month. Students must give a written, two-week notice before dropping a class. If notification is not received the student will be charged for the two weeks after the drop is determined. Drop forms are available outside the office or online.
• There is a semesterly registration fee of $25 for Fall and $25 for Spring. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Registration fees and forms are required in order to secure slot and begin classes.
• In support of "going green" efforts, E-mail addresses are used for communicating with students/families.

We agree to:
a. come prepared for the lesson each week;
b. treat instructors and staff with respect;
c. abide by the Policy and Procedures as listed on the GSOA website;
d. keep the door code confidential by not sharing or admitting others;
e. give permission to GSOA to photography or videotape myself or my children in relation to their participation at GSOA*;
f. give 24-hour notice for any lesson cancellations with the exception of emergencies**;
g. and give a written, two-week notice before dropping a class.***

*Photographs or videotape may be used for archival or promotional purposes. Last names of children will be withheld from publications, if requested. GSOA will not “tag” children on Facebook or other social media.

**If a teacher misses a class, a makeup class will be offered.

***If notice is not received, the student is responsible for payment for the two weeks after drop has been determined.

Click here to make a payment.