Art Department



Greta Marie Carlos, Art for Adults

Greta Marie Carlos: Adult Drawing and Painting

Greta Marie Carlos was born and raised in Southern California and has recently moved to North Carolina. She has been involved for more than 50 years in the art field including several one-man shows, memberships in many art groups and numerous art teaching experiences. She has taught calligraphy, drawing and painting, colored pencil and pastel techniques and theories, all in the Los Angeles area. Her many art commissions have included her specialty in animal and human portraits done in water-soluble oils and in oil pastels as well as other media.


Mike Ericsson; Art for Adults: Watercolor

Mike Ericsson: Adult Watercolor

Mike Ericsson is an award winning graphic designer & illustrator with over forty years experience mostly in the Cleveland, Ohio area with American Greetings, Plus Mark, Those Characters From Cleveland, Joann Stores, Telarc Int., The Creative Group, ad agencies and studios. Mike had always done figurative paintings and pastel portraits concurrently. He has been exhibiting artwork and winning awards since the early seventies. Now he works full time in North Carolina as a fine artist painting in oils, pastels and watercolors.

Christine Hand: Youth Art

Christine Hand is a North Carolina native who only recently moved back to the United States after living overseas for 10 years. Christine has a background in teaching preschoolers and elementary school children in art and languages as well as painting commissioned watercolors. She enjoys teaching classes in photography, watercolor and acrylic but also enjoys hosting birthday parties as well. Christine’s first love was photography, which began as a child, and has enjoyed photographing her journeys around the world. Christine is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese!

Tim Stiles; Student Art classes

Tim Stiles; Student Art

Tim Stiles: Arts for All and Youth Art

Tim has three Associate degrees in Applied Science in Architecture Technologies, Science in Civil Engineering Technologies, and Fine Arts which he was honored with the title ‘Graduate of the Year’. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Winthrop University, SC with a concentration in ceramics and painting. In 2011, he earned National Board Certification in Visual Arts. Tim started teaching at Gaston School of the Arts in 2008, and currently teaches General Art classes to students 2nd through 12th grads in the after school program and summer camps. He has been teaching in Gaston County Schools for 15 years and currently teaches art at Stuart Cramer High School. Tim has been married to his wife, Holly, for 14 years and they have 3 children ages 11, 7 and 2. Together they partner with Gaston County as foster parent and have been licensed since May 2014.  Tim, a native of Gaston county, is proud to share his love of the Visual Arts to students of Gaston and surrounding counties. His goal for each student would be to create visual art that expresses their ideas and interests by experimenting and most importantly having fun throughout the process!

Davis Goodman; Photography and Photoshop

Davis Goodman; Photography and Photoshop

Davis Goodman: Photography and Photoshop

Davis Goodman is a 1978 graduate of the UNCC School of Architecture and worked in the field for 30 years. Since 2005, Davis has also been pursuing his passion of photography. His love of photography started in his teens when he began taking photographs of landscapes with his Kodak Instamatic Camera. Since leaving his full time job, Davis has established his own photography business, Forever and 3 Days Photography. His work has been published in several magazines, including North Carolina Our State Magazine. Over the years, Davis has taught photography starting with his co-workers at his office. He has taught adult classes for other institutions including Gaston College. Davis enjoys helping others learn the basics of photography and using their cameras to express their creativity. He is a member of the Gaston Arts Guild and Southern Arts Society. In 2014, Davis won Judges Choice Award for two of his prints in a competition sponsored by The Southern Arts Society. Thus far in 2015, Davis has been awarded the following; Best of Show and First Place in the Gaston County Arts Guild First Annual Photography Show; First Place, Mooresville Arts Guild 11th Annual Photography Show; First Place, Rutherford County Visual Arts Guild and First Place; Southern Arts Society’s First Annual Gateway Trail Photography Competition. You can view Davis’ work at his website:

Artist statement: “I see photography as a medium to capture moments in time that can be enjoyed over and over again; a visual language that expresses emotions often difficult to express in words. I believe a successful photograph not only captures the scene but is an interpretation by the photographer. The more I learn behind the camera, the more I appreciate the challenge of communication through this art form.”


Deveta Glenn, Arts for All and Student Art

Deveta Glenn: Arts for All and Student Art

Deveta Glenn is a graduate of Appalachian State University where she received degrees in Art and Psychology, with a concentration in Constructive Design. Immediately following college Deveta worked in corporate advertising. For over 20 years she worked as a social worker in Gaston and Lincoln counties. Since 1999, she has worked for Gaston County Schools becoming a licensed Teacher in 2006. In her 11 years as an Art Educator in Gaston County Deveta has taught all grades, currently teaching elementary K-5 at two different schools including Hawks Nest Steam Academy.
Deveta has lived in Gaston County for 25 years and has a passion for art education. She is a member or the Gaston County Art Guild and has a studio at Arts on Main. She has exhibited her own work at several different gallery shows including Arts on Main and Southern Art Society. Deveta Glenn is a professional mixed media artist. She loves thinking outside the box and using all types of media when creating art. Art is her passion. She loves to inspire young artists’ creativity and imagination while having fun at the same time.